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CME School (Comprehensive Medical Education School), as the name says, provides comprehensive preparatory courses (i.e. MCCEE, NAC-OSCE, MCCQE1 and MCCQE2 exams) and Mock Exam preparatory sessions to international medical graduates (IMGs) and Canadians Studying Abroad (CSAs) in order to be licensed physicians in Canada.

1. Who We Are?

CME School (Comprehensive Medical Education School) is a remarkable educational institution composed of a group of professionals that provide crash preparatory courses (i.e. MCCEE, NAC-OSCE, MCCQE1 and MCCQE2 exams) and Mock Exam preparatory sessions to international medical graduates (IMGs) and Canadians Studying Abroad (CSAs) on their track to becoming fully accredited physicians in Canada. Knowing the challenges that IMGs and CSAs may go through, we are here to provide the essential preparatory courses to pass the exams and vital guidance through every step on the way. If you are an IMG or CSA looking to get licensed as a physician in Canada, you are currently in the right place.

2. Instructors

Through the help of our highly qualified team of skilled instructors and Canadian actors (standardized patients) who already have an extensive experience of participating at Mock and Real NAC-OSCE and MCCQE2 exams, CME School is committed to provide IMGs and CSAs interested in becoming fully accredited physicians in Canada with the best possible comprehensive preparatory courses and Mock Exam preparatory sessions.

3. Team

Our management and customer service also have extensive experience in organizing and conducting MCCEE, NAC-OSCE, MCCQE1 and MCCQE2 exams preparatory courses.

4. Facilities

CME School aims to provide you with the most well-equipped and comfortable classrooms because based on our experience your stamina in the classroom depends on various factors: air-conditioning, natural light, good noise isolation, comfort of seats and of course on your interactive participation and involvement

5. Why Choose CME School

Please find out why choose CME School as the best place for your medical preparatory course education:

  • Limited number of candidates per group
  • Duration 14-18 days
  • 10 am – 7 pm
  • Comprehensive Material with focus on main topics
  • DAILY MCQ Mock Question Blocks to reinforce content and principles studied in class for the MCCEE and MCCQE1 courses
  • Daily CDM Cases (Total of 100 Cases) for the MCCQE1 course
  • Live Simulations for over 150 cases for the MCCQE2 and NAC-OSCE courses
  • Unique daily practice and familiarity with experiences from instructors and classmates.
  • Individual focus on your medical knowledge and skills
  • Individual focus on your communication and interaction skills
  • Professional feedback for each candidate
  • 2 Physical Examination Sessions for the NAC-OSCE course

The career of medicine is a prestigious one, full of challenges, great job satisfaction and infinite rewards. The serious challenges that a large number of talented international medical graduates encounter when they intend to become licensed in Canada are countless. CME School solves these problems and provides the IMGs with an exceptional experience to follow their dreams and achieve their goals in becoming licensed as physicians in Canada.

We offer IMGs the theoretical and practical experience required on their route to succeed there licensing examinations. Our supreme objective is to have our IMGs practice in Canada as fully licensed physicians.