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Mock Exams

1.  MCCEE Mock Exam Description

The MCCEE mock exam is an assessment intended to measure the test-takers’ medical knowledge and skills. The MCCEE mock exam given at CME School will be paper-based exam and consists of 180 multiple-choice questions, each listing five possible answers of which only one is the correct or best answer. The MCCEE mock exam questions cover the following domains: Internal medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Ethics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Statistics & Public Health. Each candidate will get a detailed assessment after taking the mock exam.

Oral feedback with comprehensive explanations will be provided as well.

Instructors who will focus on each candidate’s medical knowledge will provide the feedback.

2.  NAC-OSCE Mock Exam Description

The NAC-OSCE Mock Exam is an assessment intended to measure a test-taker’s knowledge, skill, and ability while contacting patients.

The NAC-OSCE Mock Exam will teach IMGs the practice model for Canadian doctor-patient encounter with emphasis on major typical situations.

The NAC-OSCE Mock Exam consists eight 12-minute stations, simulating the real OSCE setting.

In each station, in addition to the standardized patient, an examiner is present who observes the interaction between the candidate and the standardized patient.

The examiner completes the checklist for the station and finally writes his/her assessment of the candidate’s performance, providing a personalized feedback to the candidate. The feedback will be done by instructors who will focus on your medical knowledge and skills and by our experienced Standardized Patients (native speaker Canadian actors) who will focus on your communication and interaction skills as well as on your grammar and communication skills (in case you are an IMG and need some help with it)

Following each mock exam, a review session is held and the checklists and performance rank order sheet are returned to the candidate to keep for his/her personal records.

CME School focuses on both medical knowledge as well as interaction and communication skills because both are pivotal for high scores on NAC-OSCE Exam.